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HR360 is a tool for HR knowledge and is a benefits library. The HR library has thousands of pages of contents, forms, posters and online HR tools that will make your job easier. 

What you need, HR360 delivers:

Benefits Compliance Calendar

      - Bottom line information on who must receive model notices, who

        must provide them and when they are due.  

State HR and Benefits Information

      - State-by-state information including continuation of benefits, minimum wage and so much more.

Safety and Wellness

      - Comprehensive range of OSHA safety programs and easy-to-implement wellness programs.

Downloadable Forms, Policies and Checklists

      - Hundreds of forms, sample policies, checklists, and a sample employee handbook are available for downloading and customization.  

How to Hire and Terminate Employees to Help Prevent costly Lawsuits.

     - HR360 features a great range of information necessary during the hiring and termination process. This section is a must-read for every hiring manager of your company.

Online HR tools

     - Online Job Description builder, Salary Benchmarking tool and interactive guides for COBRA, FMLA, performance reviews, hiring, and termination.