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Matsock & Associates assists people and organizations in the design and implementation of benefit strategies. We are committed to understanding their needs and values, offering creative solutions, and building long-term relationships.

We're confident you'll find us to be a firm that offers your organization the best benefit and compensation services available. 

Our Model

Step 1: Introduction & Discovery

The first phase is our discovery process which enables us to spend time with the key personnel at you firm evaluating the benefit program. At the end of the first phase we will present a detailed three-year strategic plan for you. This custom-tailored plan is designed to address current needs and help accomplish your vision

Step 2: Blueprint

The second phase is an ongoing process of implementing the Blueprint plan developed in the first phase, then ongoing evaluation of the entire plan and program.

Step 3: Implementation

After our blueprint, we need to conduct an evaluation and determine what is working well, what areas of opportunity exist and strategically plan for the future. We will develop a strategic plan and solutions that will address your needs.

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Matsock helps reduce your costs and improve your productivity, EBITDA, and ownership valuation by attacking the financial leakage that exists inside your firm. This allows you to recapture wasted capital to grow and invest in your business.  

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